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19 August 2009

Identification required

There is a fundamental problem of how to verify the identity of a person who claims the right to deal with property.
Customer identification is now a part of every conveyance. As part of this you may need to produce "bank type" information when buying or selling property.
Here is the short guide to what is needed:
And here is a longer version:

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10 July 2008

Advice Price plus four percent?

"Market Distortions when Agents are Better Informed: The Value of Information in Real Estate Transactions" NBER Working Paper Series No. 11053; National Bureau of Economic Research, 2005. (with Syverson, Chad)(PDF format):

In the US real estate agents receive only a small share of the incremental profit when a house sells for a higher value. There is an incentive for them to convince their clients to sell their houses too cheaply and too quickly.
Levitt and Syverson find that homes owned by real estate agents sell for about 3.7 percent more than other houses and stay on the market about 9.5 days longer, even after controlling for a wide range of housing characteristics.
How that relates to today's market, or Australia's market is open to speculation

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10 June 2008

Purchasing Strata Property

A strata scheme is a building (or collection of buildings) where individuals each own a small portion (called a Lot) and where there is also common property (such as external walls, windows, roof, driveways, etc.) which every owner shares.
Before purchasing a strata title property you should be aware of the following issues:

  • What would I actually own in a strata scheme?

  • Owners corporation and executive committee

  • What are levies?

  • Are there any meetings I would have to attend?

  • What are the by-laws/lifestyle restrictions?

  • What should I do before signing a contract?

  • Buying ‘off the plan’

  • The contract

  • Insurance

For the answers to these questions, see the Office of Fair Trading. ..home_owners/Buying_property.
AND the Law Society of NSW:
For Strata living generally:

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07 April 2008

Property Conveyancing

Conveyancing to some is a clerical, time consuming and impersonal process. Keep in mind that it is basically swapping a lot of money for a bit of paper that says you have the property.
An overview of the process should help you manage your part in the process.. [more..]


22 August 2006

Caveat vendor - seller beware

Caveat emptor is the common problem – buyer beware. But when it comes to property, there is also caveat vendor - seller beware.
It is worthwhile being informed and knowing that things can happen when you open your house for inspection. There are precautions you can take [more..]

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02 May 2006

Smoke Alarms and Selling Properties

Changes to Conveyancing Procedure
We will be advising clients who are selling about the additional disclosure requirements and obligations in relation to smoke alarms.
To work out where you need to place them and how many you need see your electrician. This information is also available at

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09 January 2006

Conveyancing in digital form

Transfer of property has lots of old fashioned paper-based safeguards. As the various authorities explore conveyancing electronically, which of these will convert and which will be lost? Are there other benefits? [more..]


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