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22 August 2006

Caveat vendor - seller beware

Caveat emptor is the common problem – buyer beware. But when it comes to property, there is also caveat vendor - seller beware.
It is worthwhile being informed and knowing that things can happen when you open your house for inspection. There are precautions you can take [more..]

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At 9:35 AM, Blogger Bruce said...

Sellers reading this article shouldn’t be frightened into cancelling all their scheduled open house inspections forthwith.
Of course, most people visiting your property during inspections will be innocent, honest buyers keen to see if your home is the one they’ve been looking for. Wisely, they want to make sure that they’re making a good investment: inspecting a home thoroughly before buying it is eminently sensible.

However, it is worthwhile being informed and knowing that things can happen. So when you do let buyers inspect your property, there are a few precautions you can take.

For starters, you shouldn’t leave valuable items lying around. It sounds obvious, but these things can be easy to forget, what with all the other things sellers have to think about. Make sure these items, such as jewellery or silverware, are either taken off the premises, well-hidden or securely locked away during house inspections.

Another thing to be careful about is personal information. Again, you probably wouldn’t leave your credit card details for all and sundry to see. Sometimes, though, sensitive information can be easy to overlook. How many of us open the post and leave it on the table to put away later? Things like bank statements could present opportunities to thieves.

Even though most of these tips shouldn’t prove necessary to fend off marauding hordes of swag-carrying burglars (your agent ought to spot them), they might be worth following for other reasons.

Real estate agents always say it’s a good idea to clean your house thoroughly anyway. Uncluttering makes rooms look more light and spacious.

It’s worthwhile being prepared when you put your home up for sale.


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